Saturday, July 22, 2006

Elderly Queen MY Thoughts All About ME!

I'm an old fashioned girl, girl. (I like to pretend I'm straight even though everyone knows the truth, but still....shhhhhh)

Friday, July 14, 2006


googling myself so you don't have to

Hood Report

I'm in love with Mike Webb. I love love love him.
(giggling like a little girl) tee heee heeeeee

I'm listening to the transistor radio I had as a kid. It was so exciting when father brought it home to replace my tube set!

I had just gotten through playing under the stairs with my next door neighbor, Billy, zipped up and began tuning my favorite shows. I wouldn't be so Koooky, if only Mike Webb was on the radio back in the 40s when I was growing up.

But Noooooo. FDR Fireside Chats. Borrrrrr-ing.

Monday, July 03, 2006


Watching Mike Webb's Life So YOU Don't Have To: Blatherwatch!

I'm Nothing But a Sad OCD Sufferer

I looked up from my newspaper and saw Mike Webb.

He was striding down the hallway wearing shades like a gangster, and he was not happy.

Then I saw Joey Hustlina, a local freelance photographer I hired so I could cower in the corner to watch Webb. I instructed the youthful Joey (he's much younger than I, a spry 59)to point his camera at Mike Webb in the crowded hallway. I needed a big, tight shot of Mike (so I could have something to paste on the ceiling above my bed).

Almost at the same time, Webb crossed behind his attorney, and - in my twisted mind at least - he lunged at my photographer. As he struck Joey in his face, then beat him to a bloody pulp, first with a left, then a right...then twirled him around like a ballerina, my dumbass Joey "photog" was down, on the floor, lying there at death's door (I'm a journalist so I can rhyme things) -- and the court reporter declared Mike the "Champeen"! It was very exciting and I had to keep the newspaper firmly on my lap. The hallway was full of attorneys and clients, family members. They were startled by the disturbance and a few shouted out. Joey, got up, ready for a fight and yelled out, "Hey Mike! -- Another Round?"

Mike was wearing a tight, hot, sexy jacket, his beautiful face coming closer to mine. And then... I woke up. All was a blur. I still had visions of Webb in my head. Damn. Another Mike Webb dream.

I must stop here. Dear Lord, I admit it: I, Michael Blathermouth have OCD. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I am so taken with Mike Webb, I created this site just for him. Oh, I know, occasionally for cover, I will put in some other talk show host's name, and make up something ridiculous about them just to make people think I'm objective. But, really, my website is ALL ABOUT MIKE. He is my day, my night, and overnight show. He is my north, my south and those other places. He is all mine! And you can't have him.

Ok, well, off to the shrink! Bye bye.

Love ya mean it,


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